Where is our baby, Mummy?

That moment where your only child says, “I wish you had grown a baby in your belly Mummy”. Yeh that. Sob.

Little one told me this today, on our way home from a park where there were a few mums with tiny babies. So it’s not just me that notices that then. “I’d help you look after it”, she tries to coerce me. Oh baby, you really don’t have to persuade me to give you this gift. I’m trying very hard. On a positive note, WHEN we get there and a baby does indeed grow in my belly, little one will be able to thoroughly enjoy the experience too. Something to look forward to!

2 thoughts on “Where is our baby, Mummy?

  1. Or when your little one looks up at church and says “Mommy, I prayed for our baby, the one God is going to give us.” We are on this journey, too, and I’m happy to have found your blog.

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