Pins and Needles

I hoped acupuncture would be my miracle cure. It hasn’t been. I’ve been attending sessions with a wonderful woman for a long time now and, even though it hasn’t yet helped us achieve our goal, I love my sessions and see some definite benefits so am happy to continue paying a lot of dollars every month for my little slice of therapy.

Miss Acupuncture is a kind and approachable lady, who I felt comfortable around from the first consultation. She took all my details, we discussed my history, she felt my pulse and examined my tongue and made a diagnosis. I had a spleen yang deficiency mostly, and she picked up on my anxiety and emotional turmoil. At each session she stimulates certain acupoints with needles and prescribes me herbs based on the time of my cycle and what I may be deficient of or excess in of at any given time (there can be some fluctuation between Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnoses). The needles sound horrific, but they aren’t that bad at all. Some are a bit sharp when they enter the skin, but there isn’t really any pain involved as such. And I find it really is such a relaxing experience! I get to lie on a bed, warm and cosy (lovely, because I’m a cold type) and listen to beautiful, calm music for about 25 minutes. It is one of the only times I get to lie down and be in my own head and focus on quietening it, because I have a busy and demanding little one at home. I remember when we were TTC the little one. I was absolutely focused on my body, and getting pregnant and remember feeling so in tune and centred within my own body. TTC number 2 I have found is different, not only because of the awful journey we are on, but because I don’t feel like I can give it the same attention. Strange.

I feel healthier when I’m doing Acupuncture. I feel amazing the day I have it in particular. Just so calm and serene, in control and myself which is totally needed as sometimes I can feel the opposite of those things to the extreme. I know I will get some emotional down time on Acupuncture days.

Having Acupuncture means I’m taking some control over the situation. I’m doing something. I’m getting my body in balance. In amongst the chaos of infertility, it feels good to do something positive. I have realised that I do not, unfortunately, have control over my ability to have another child, but I most certainly have control over what I can do to try and make myself the healthiest I can be, physically and emotionally.

Although Acupuncture has not been my miracle cure, I think it has been a big help in keeping me going. It gives me more explanation for our issues conceiving than Western Medicine has, and I just love the theory behind it. It sounds hocus pocus, but when I read in to it further, I found it making a lot of sense to me. I was given a book titled ‘The Infertility Cure’ by Dr Randine Lewis. I devoured it the same day. I could relate to what I read, and believed Chinese Medicine would help give me what I have long dreamt of. A friend of mine has accounted her recent BFP to reflexology. She said it made her feel so much more relaxed, and noticed helpful changes physically too. It strikes me that whichever complimentary therapy you choose to pursue, the real benefit is that YOU are doing something to make yourself a healthier environment to grow a baby. I think the feeling of being in some control in these circumstances is priceless.

I’m thinking of making an appointment with a Naturopath too. We are pretty healthy. We eat really clean most of the time, and don’t drink or smoke. But I’m wondering if there is anything in particular I am missing from my diet? Or any supplement that may help, especially if my hormones are slightly out for me even if they are still in normal ranges according to my Dr?

Do you do any complimentary therapies you find helpful? My husband jokes about my growing entourage of therapists as I research different things! I tell him it will cost a lot less than doing IVF if it works!